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GlideScope Video Laryngoscope Lawsuit

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that certain GlideScope Video Laryngoscope Reusable Blades have been recalled by their manufacturer, Verathon, Inc.

What Is the Glidescope Video Laryngoscope?

A laryngoscope is a tube-like device with a camera at the end that is inserted into a patient’s larynx (throat) to provide health care professionals with an internal view of the larynx. The “blade” is not a cutting edge but is instead the technical term related to the device’s shape. From the exterior, it looks like a tube, but it then flattens to look like a blade. Laryngoscopy is necessary for medical procedures that involve inserting tubes into patients’ tracheas, such as when a patient is in cardiac arrest and needs his or her airway opened or when obese patients need their airways opened up so they can breathe.

GlideScope Video Laryngoscope Reusable Blades Have Been Recalled

On October 25, 2012, the FDA announced that Verathon initiated a recall of the GlideScope Video Laryngoscope’s reusable blades, which the agency classified as a Class I recall, the most serious kind, because there was a reasonable probability that use of the blades could cause serious injury or death. According to Verathon, the blades’ tips could crack or break, and the broken shards could fall into the patient’s esophagus or lungs, causing serious problems.

The blades subject to the recall were manufactured between December 1, 2010 and August, 31, 2011, and they were distributed between December 14, 2010 and March 6, 2012. The recall affects the following serial numbers:

  • GlideScope GVL3, 0574-0007: MD10500 to MD112387
  • GlideScope GVL4: 0574-0001: LG105000 to LG112758
  • GlideScope GVL5: 0574-0030: XL105000 to XL111798

RLG’s GlideScope Video Laryngoscope Lawyers Will Make Things Easier

The process of demanding compensation for the harm you’ve suffered can be complicated, even if it doesn’t seem fair that you should have to go through even more trouble to be made whole again. The lawyers at the Rottenstein Law Group believe that obtaining legal satisfaction from those who harmed you shouldn’t require more hardship. That’s why we do everything we can to streamline the process, and we will file a GlideScope Video Laryngoscope lawsuit on your behalf if necessary. RLG will also keep you up to date on any GlideScope Video Laryngoscope class action lawsuits, FDA GlideScope Video Laryngoscope warnings, and additional GlideScope Video Laryngoscope FDA recall announcements. If you or a loved one underwent a procedure using this product and one of the blades chipped or broke in your throat, you might be entitled to full medical expenses, lost earnings, pain and suffering and other damages. Contact RLG today if you believe a GlideScope Video Laryngoscope reusable blade caused an injury.

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