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  • Dear Concerned Mom:
    If you’ve reached this page, then you’re concerned about harm to your child possibly caused by antidepressants. You want—you deserve—answers to your questions, and you shouldn’t have to wait to get those answers. It’s for mothers like you that I’ve prepared this white paper and made it available for free.
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Get answers to these questions …from a lawyer and mother who’s been there.

What are SSRIs, and which medicines fall
into the SSRI category of drugs?

Are some SSRIs considered more dangerous
for unborn children than others?

What adverse effects might the children of moms who took SSRIs
when they were pregnant suffer?

Is your baby safe if you took SSRIs prior to pregnancy?

Can a woman take SSRIs during her first trimester? Should she?

What options are available to a woman who believes her child might
have suffered adverse effects as a result of her having taken SSRIs
while she was pregnant?