What Is The Mirena IUD?

IUDs are small, ‘T’-shaped birth control devices that are inserted into the uterus through the vagina. They are considered “long-lasting reversible contraceptives,” which means they are highly effective at preventing pregnancy yet require little effort to use.

The Mirena IUD, which is manufactured by Bayer AG and was approved by the FDA in 2000, is a “hormonal IUD,” meaning it releases roughly 20 mcg per day of levonorgestrel (the hormone progestogen) while it is in place. The progestogen further reduces the likelihood of pregnancy above the benefits of non-hormonal IUDs, and it can even reduce heavy menstrual bleeding, a condition for which the FDA gave Bayer permission to sell the Mirena IUD in 2009.

The Mirena IUD requires replacement after five years because the device eventually runs out of progestogen. The FDA recommends the device for women who have already had one child.

According to the product information for the Mirena IUD, the device might cause a long list of harmful side effects.

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