The Potential for a DePuy Pinnacle Recall

There are concerns about parts of DePuy’s Pinnacle hip replacement system becoming prematurely loose. In addition to that, as a New York Times article highlighted last year, metal-on-metal hip replacement systems like the Pinnacle may carry the risk of causing patients to suffer from metal toxicity from the metal components constantly rubbing against each other and cause metal particles to flake off and either embed themselves in the soft tissue surrounding the device or enter the bloodstream. Once a significant enough level of the foreign substance builds up in the patient, then she may suffer from metal toxicity. The symptoms of metal toxicity can vary depending on the sufferer, but typically there are feelings of disorientation and unexplained depression.

There has yet to be a DePuy Pinnacle recall, but if you have suffered some harm from your Pinnacle device, you could have a claim against DePuy. A medical device does not have to have been recalled for you to be eligible to file a personal injury suit against its manufacturer.

The attorneys at the Rottenstein Law Group have spent a total of over 25 years representing the rights of victims who have suffered from the negligence of big corporations like DePuy. For a free consultation with RLG regarding your Pinnacle device, please fill out this brief contact form or call 1 (888) 976-8529.

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