Metallosis: the DePuy Pinnacle’s New Risk

DePuy Manufacturing was formed over a century ago as a company offering a synthetic splint to replace the typical wooden splint used to set fractures. Since then, the company has grown to be one of the world’s largest manufacturers of medical devices. One of its most popular devices is the metal-on-metal Pinnacle hip replacement system.

A New York Times report published a year ago highlighted a new, but very serious problem with metal on metal hip implants. Out of the roughly 250,000 hip replacement surgeries that are performed every year, an estimated one-third are using similar metal-on-metal devices. The report indicated that there is an increased risk in such devices of wear and tear resulting in the releasing of metallic debris into the blood stream or surrounding tissue. This can lead to metal poisoning in the patient.

The DePuy Pinnacle is another metal on metal hip replacement device of which people are becoming increasingly aware of the risk of suffering from metal poisoning. Though studies on the risk have been very limited to date, some researchers estimate that one to three percent of the recipients of metal-on-metal devices could be affected by metal poisoning. While one to three percent seems like an insignificant ratio, when you consider that nearly 100,000 people receive such implants every year, the numbers become more significant, and it becomes clear why many are calling for a DePuy Pinnacle recall.

Although symptoms of metal poisoning will vary from patient to patient, there are a few common signs to look out for if you or a loved one received a metal-on-metal hip replacement. Metal poisoning may manifest itself emotionally, giving the sufferer a general feeling of malaise and make him prone to emotional outbursts. It may also cause the sufferer to feel confused and experience headaches or dizziness.

If you know anyone who was the recipient of a DePuy Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip replacement system, then you, he, or she should be aware of the warning signs of metal poisoning. It is also important that anyone who may potentially be suffering from the condition due to their DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement system know his or her rights. The Rottenstein Law Group is in the business of protecting the rights of people that have been harmed by the negligence of big companies. For a free consultation with RLG, please fill out this brief form or call 1 (888) 976-8529.

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