Early Failures Mar DePuy Pinnacle

In the typical hip replacement surgery, the upper end of the thighbone is replaced with a metal ball and the hip socket is resurfaced with a metal shell and plastic liner. The replacement joint may now be fused to bones with or without cement, and as more innovative techniques are discovered, the process becomes less and less invasive. Unfortunately, as new products are brought to market, it is sometimes not possible to tell the ones that will be durable and provide the recipient with long lasting use of a new hip from the ones that will fail after just a few years.

Although there has been no indication that there will be a DePuy Pinnacle recall, it is something to keep an eye on. This is especially true because there have been some rumblings regarding the viability of the Pinnacle system.

One person has already filed a Pinnacle lawsuit against DePuy, in United States District Court in California. The plaintiff apparently suffered loosening of the device and has suffered serious pain, resulting in a constant limp. Even if the problem can be fixed through further surgery, she will have to spend time after surgery recovering. The last thing anyone who recently went through a serious operation wants to deal with is more surgery.

If you have suffered loosening or abnormal pain, or required revision surgery to fix or replace your DePuy Pinnacle hip system, you might have a claim against the device’s manufacturer. The first step in determining if you do is to speak to a legal professional with experience handling this type of problem. The Rottenstein Law Group’s attorneys have represented their clients’ interests against big companies for over 25 years. For a free consultation with RLG, please fill out this brief contact form or call 1 (888) 976-8529.

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