DePuy Orthopaedics Facing Multidistrict Litigation Over DePuy Pinnacle

When DePuy Orthopaedics was formed in 1895 by Revra DePuy on the sale of a synthetic splint that would replace the wooden ones regularly used to set fractures at the time, he could not have imagined that the company would grow into its present state as one of the world’s leaders in the manufacture of medical devices. DePuy has been considered an innovator in the medical device field over the course of its history. Since its purchase by Johnson & Johnson in 1998, things have continued to get better for the company.

Though, recently there have been some potential issues regarding its hip metal-on-metal replacement devices. This stems from the way the metal components rub against each other, which could cause metal particles to flake off and embed into the surrounding soft tissue.

When such metal particles build up to abnormally high levels in the tissue or bloodstream of the patient, metal toxicity may result. The condition affects different people in different ways because symptoms depend on the affected body’s reaction to the presence of heavy metals. The common symptoms of metal toxicity include disorientation and a general malaise, though there are other ways it may manifest itself. Headaches, nausea, and other common symptoms of sickness could indicate metal toxicity. Because of the vagueness of the symptoms, it is very important that anyone with a metal-on-metal hip replacement device is aware of the symptoms and seeks the guidance of a medical professional should they appear.

Although there has yet to be a DePuy Pinnacle recall, there are already cases being filed against DePuy by plaintiffs that claim to have been harmed by their Pinnacle hip replacement system. One plaintiff has filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, seeking to initiate the process of multidistrict litigation (MDL). When there are several plaintiffs filing an identical claim against one defendant, MDL consolidates pre-trial procedures like discovery for efficiency’s sake.

It is not too early to start preparing for litigation if you have experienced pain, loosening, or the symptoms of metal toxicity from your Pinnacle hip replacement device. The attorneys at the Rottenstein Law Group have a total of over 25 years of experience helping out clients take on negligent medical device companies like DePuy. For a free consultation with RLG, please fill out this brief contact form or call 1 (888) 976-8529.

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