What if I’ve suffered no pain or discomfort?

Johnson & Johnson recently issued a worldwide recall of two hip-replacement systems (manufactured and sold by J&J subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics) because of a higher-than-normal rate of revision surgeries required by patients. In other words: Recipients of the defective replacement hips have had to undergo a second invasive surgery because the original replacement hip units had failed.

J&J’s ASR XL Acetabular System is a metal cup-like component of a replacement hip joint; the ASR Hip Resurfacing System is a metal cap on the ball portion of the hip bone. The problem with the ASR units is that they deteriorate, depositing pieces of metal into a recipient’s bloodstream. This metal debris has caused some recipients to develop adverse tissue reactions known as ALVAL (aseptic lymphocyte-dominated vasculitis associated lesion). A toxic reaction can also take the form of a pseudotumor, a type of soft-tissue mass. Generally, patients with defective ASR units might have swelling, pain, and difficulty walking. If an ASR Hip Resurfacing System fails completely, it can fracture the bone around the implant, or cause a dislocation of the ball and socket.

Johnson & Johnson has admitted fault for the defective units and pledged to cover the costs of “reasonable” doctor visits, tests, and procedures associated with the recall, including revision surgeries. The company has advised each recipient of an ASR device to schedule a consultation with his or her surgeon to determine whether or not it is functioning properly,even if the recipient has not yet suffered pain or discomfort. Johnson & Johnson should compensate you for the cost of the consultation and any evaluation your doctor needs to make…

…but unfortunately, if you received a defective replacement hip, then you’ve been betrayed once already, and if you do need to stand up to Johnson & Johnson to be fully compensated for your trouble, then you’ll want a dedicated, attentive advocate by your side. The Rottenstein Law Group will represent your interests alone. Because you’ve taken enough, so we’ll take it from here.

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