Five Things to Do Before Making a DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Claim

To maximize your chances of being successful in litigation or negotiation with DePuy/Johnson & Johnson, there are steps you can and should take, some of which are set out below. If you have any questions about these-including why any of them is important-please get in touch with the lawyers of RLG.

  1. Do not call DePuy’s “help line.” DePuy will use admissions made by callers to support its position that the recipients themselves are to blame for the hip failures.
  2. Get a second medical opinion. You might even ask a second doctor to tell you about the credentials of the first. Be wary of any attempt to dissuade you from legal action.
  3. Document everything. Record every aspect of your pain and your treatment. Keep your own notes, in addition to the notes your doctor will take. Do not turn your records over to anyone but your lawyer.
  4. Mitigate your damages. Putting off necessary treatment will not bring more compensation. Neither will not working if you can still work.
  5. Speak to an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer has two main goals: to protect your legal rights and to get you all the compensation you deserve.

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