DePuy ASR Hip Settlements

UPDATE: Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics have reportedly agreed to a $2.5 billion DePuy settlement over its recalled ASR hip implants.

Johnson & Johnson, DePuy’s parent company, has agreed to a $4 billion settlement of all pending ASR hip device claims, according to reports in the New York Times and Bloomberg News. 

The settlement plan, if approved by the court, is “one of the largest payouts for product liability claims involving a medical device,” according to the Times.

Under the arrangement, each patient would receive at least $250,000 in compensation, although that amount will vary depending on factors such as the patient’s age and medical condition. Reportedly, those patients who received an ASR device but did not have it removed and replaced with a different device will not receive compensation.

Those who have had revision surgery to replace an ASR device but who have not yet sued for compensation will still be able to sue, provided that the applicable time limit has not yet run.

If you determine that you were implanted with ASR device(s), your next step should be to contact the Rottenstein Law Group. No matter what J&J promises, you are more likely to receive maximum compensation for your injuries if you are represented by an experienced, compassionate attorney.

The DePuy lawyers of RLG will demand compensation from J&J for all of your pain and suffering. Because you’ve taken enough, so we’ll take it from here.

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