Class Action Seeks Fixodent Lawsuit Settlements for Clients Nationwide

Fixodent and forget it? It’s hard to forget the neurological damage caused by Fixodent containing zinc, which is why people all over the country are seeking a class action Fixodent lawsuit settlement.

Last month, a Sacramento lawyer, on behalf of clients injured by the denture cream Fixodent, filed an intended class action lawsuit against drugmaker Procter & Gamble. The lawsuit accuses P&G of poisoning dozens of people, permanently damaging their nervous systems, and failing to warn of Fixodent’s dangerous side effects. Zinc, which has been added to denture creams since the 90’s, can be toxic in large amounts, causing nerve damage, lifelong disability, and even death.

According to the lawyer, “Our clients are in walkers, they’re in wheelchairs, places they never thought they would be. We have three clients that have passed away since we started litigating.”

Plaintiffs in the Fixodent class action lawsuit have reported that they are suffering from numerous neurological problems. Sandra Hankins, a plaintiff from Arkansas who used Fixodent to secure her dentures said that, “I thought I was going to die because my body was shutting down.”

In addition to securing monetary compensation for his clients, the Sacramento lawyer hopes that the lawsuit causes P&G to remove the zinc from Fixodent.

“This adhesive can be made with material that does not have zinc, we know that,” he said.

GlaxoSmithKline (maker of Poligrip), which has also been the target of denture cream lawsuits filed by Arnold and others, has already removed the zinc from many of its Poligrip products. It announced its decision to do so in February 2010, stating that it had “become aware of potential health problems associated with the long-term excessive use of our zinc-containing denture adhesive products.”

It was likely referring to the numerous denture-cream related adverse events reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and a study published by University of Texas researchers that linked denture cream zinc to neurologic disorder. Since the class action Fixodent lawsuit was filed in February, the FDA has issued a notice to denture cream manufacturers asking them to consider removing the zinc from denture cream, among other actions. Procter & Gamble has maintained that Fixodent is safe when used as directed.

“The amount of zinc an average denture adhesive user would ingest from daily usage of Fixodent is less than the amount of zinc in most daily multi-vitamins and comparable to 6 oz. ground beef,” said P&G representative Tricia Gottlieb.

It is true that currently only heavy, long-term consumption of denture cream with zinc is associated with neurological damage. But the fact remains that P&G did not, until recently, warn of its products’ dangers or even identify zinc as an ingredient in Fixodent. Implicit in the Fixodent class action lawsuit and other denture cream cases is the argument that had users known of the dangers of zinc, they never would have used denture creams containing the mineral in such large amounts.

Product manufacturers have a duty to warn you of any harm their products may potentially cause. When they do not, and you suffer harm as a result, it is your right to hold them legally accountable for losses suffered. The Rottentein Law Group understands that your denture cream injury was not your fault, and we want to assist you in holding the manufacturer responsible. RLG is currently offering free denture cream lawsuit evaluations. If you believe you or a family member suffered neurological damage caused by Fixodent or Poligrip, then let us help you pursue a Fixodent lawsuit settlement. To receive a complimentary case review from RLG’s experienced lawyers, fill out this form or call 1 (888) 976-8529.

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    on August 25, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    Has anyone had difficulty swallowing using Fixodent powder? I am experiencing that problem soon after gluing my dentures in.

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