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Denture Cream Zinc Poisoning Lawsuit

Two brands of denture creams, sold as Fixodent or Poligrip, might have caused you to suffer life-threatening side effects such as zinc poisoning, research has shown.

You shouldn’t have to go through more trouble to be compensated for the harm you’ve already suffered. The Rottenstein Law Group, a denture cream law firm, knows this, and we want you to believe it. You need a sympathetic advocate who will represent only your interests—and who will make the process as painless as possible.

Is Your Denture Cream Dangerous?

Fixodent and Poligrip contain zinc, which can enter the users’ bloodstreams. Zinc is a mineral that people need naturally, but excess zinc ingestion causes zinc poisoning, a serious medical condition. Although these products are dangerous, no denture cream warning has been issued, and no denture cream recall is in effect. The Rottenstein Law Group knows of at least two possible denture cream class action lawsuits pending against manufacturers.

RLG’s Denture Cream Lawyers Will Make Things Easier

The process of demanding compensation for the harm you’ve suffered can be complicated, even if it doesn’t seem fair that you should have to go through even more trouble to be made whole again. The denture cream lawyers at the Rottenstein Law Group believe that getting satisfaction from the company that harmed you shouldn’t be just more hardship. That’s why we do everything we can to streamline the process, and we will file a denture cream lawsuit on your behalf if necessary. If you used either of these denture creams and experienced one of the above problems, contact RLG today.

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