About Our Lawyers

Rochelle RottensteinRochelle Rottenstein has been a staunch litigator for 25 years, diligently seeking compensation for clients in consumer injury, mass tort, and class action lawsuits.

In 1995, Rochelle’s life and work were changed forever when, through gross medical malfeasance, her beautiful daughter Lauren suffered severe and irreparable brain damage. Suddenly Rochelle—a litigator who had prided herself on diligently pursuing her clients’ claims—herself became a distraught plaintiff at the mercy of the tort law system. During the course of her ordeal, she was struck by how much more difficult it was to participate in a protracted lawsuit while also in the midst of one’s own personal suffering and trauma. In the wake of her own tragedy, Rochelle gained an acute appreciation of plaintiffs’ hardships. She chose then to dedicate her time to helping victims receive compensation and achieve closure in the most painless way possible. Rochelle Rottenstein founded RLG specifically to improve how those injured by dangerous consumer products could seek compensation for their injuries.


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