About RLG

The lawyers of the Rottenstein Law Group understand how frustrating the process of seeking compensation for an injury can be. RLG was founded by Rochelle Rottenstein, who has been practicing law for 25 years and has extensive experience with consumer injury, mass tort, and class action lawsuits—that is, helping clients like you.

The lawyers of the Rottenstein Law Group have been through the process of demanding satisfaction from big companies time and time again. But even though we’ve done this countless times, it’s never routine for us. And it certainly isn’t familiar to you. Our experience has taught us that victims of dangerous products have to deal with enough uncertainty and fear—more than enough. You don’t need a law firm exploiting your fears. You need, and you deserve, a law firm that will treat you with respect.

If you let the Rottenstein Law Group know that you’ve been harmed and might be entitled to compensation, you’ll get a call from the firm and we will discuss your case with you. Then, when you become a client of the firm, you’ll always be able to communicate directly with a lawyer by phone or email, and you’ll get prompt responses to your questions. You’ll also get frequent updates—not just about your case, but also about news related to the product that caused you harm. You’ll never feel like you’ve been forgotten or left alone. Even if RLG believes that it would be best for your case to add a second firm to help with your suit, you’ll always be able to contact us.

The Rottenstein Law Group knows that you’ve suffered. You shouldn’t have to go through more trouble to be compensated. RLG will be with you at every step of the process of demanding satisfaction, which we will make as efficient as possible. Read more about our lawyers.

You’ve taken enough. We’ll take it from here.


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You’ve taken enough. We'll take it from here. Click here to contact us now.